Sunday, March 02, 2008

Girl stuff, bit worrying

So last night when I went to bed I noticed some discomfort when I turned over onto my right side (I usually settle down on my side, almost on my tummy, leaning on my opposite arm). My right breast hurt.

Now as I'm bigger than average (DD cup), sometimes if I lay on them wrong my breasts can hurt, but I'd only just turned over.

An bit of an experimental prod revealed that both breasts are swollen (especially the right one, which is bigger anyway). They feel firmer, bigger, and quite tender. They ache, like I've been hit with something. They hurt more if I touch them.

Also my stomach is bloated and a little crampy. Like a cross between mild period pain and wind really.

I've never had tender breasts before. I'm not sure when my period is due, because I'm not in the slightest bit regular, but it's been at least a month. And I don't usually get stomach cramps until I actually start bleeding.

So this has lead me to the obvious worry.

Could me and my dodgy hormones be pregnant?

We had sex 12 or 13 days ago. With a condom. And nothing for months before that, because I'm always tired and not feeling in the least bit sexy, so if I am pregnant it's from then.

Is 12 days too early to start showing symptoms? Do I need to get a test?

And more importantly, what if I am?? How the hell does that fit in to my "don't really want kids right now, if ever" lifeplan?


  1. Do a test man!

    And as a scientist I have to advise you to do all the relevant controls. A positive control may be hard to come by unless you know a pregnant woman. A negative is easy - get a man to wee on it.

    Fingers crossed whichever way you like, xxx

  2. 12 days is not too early to start feeling the symptoms, but then again it could be something else. Do what Kay recommended and if it turns out negative go see a doctor.

  3. I'm going to leave it a few days - if it is a premenstrual thing it should have gone by then, or I'll have a period.

    If neither happen, I'll pop down to the family planning clinic and get a test done.

    I was thinking that with home pregnancy testing kits, don't you have to wait until the time of your missed period? Since I don't know when I am/was due, that might be a bit of an issue.

  4. Get a test. One of the early ones. Even if it's negative (and you should test a couple of times) you should go to the doctor for a definitive yes or no.

    I have the occasional scare myself, and having decided a few years ago that I'm just too old to do this again, it really does do a number on my head. I would have it should it happen.

    You, however, may not want to do that, or if you're not keen on being a mum, adoption is always an option.

    A test should be pretty accurate after two weeks.

  5. Right - didn't realise that a home test would be an option. On the other hand, if I had it done at the clinic, there would be no chance of me misreading it or dropping it in the loo or whatever.

    I'm probably putting it off because it's a bit scary.

    I'm all conflicting opinions on the various options if I am pregnant. Which probably warrants a proper post really.