Saturday, March 29, 2008

Veg plot - day 7, where nothing at all happens

Weather's been too unpredictable today to do anything outside. I didn't fancy tearing up the lawn with the wheelbarrow, since the ground's really soft with the rain. Bah.

On the plus side, the siskin came back.

Having trouble getting the onion sets I want, I may have to order like 300 of them when I actually want 100. Maybe I could sell the surplus, or keep them for next year, or something.

Hopefully we'll get lots done tomorrow.


  1. Know anyone else doing a garden? Or perhaps of a gardening club? that might be a way to get rid of your excess onions.

    Good the weather forced a day off. All that dirt moving... I get tired just reading about it!

  2. Really enjoying reading about your veg plot days. What a lot of veggies you're growing. I know how back breaking all that work you have to do can be. It will all be worth it though when you're enjoying the fruits of your labour. Lovely pictures of the siskins.

  3. I had a quick google for a local gardening club, but couldn't find anything. I did find an allotment/gardening forum though, which has a seed/plant swapping section so I could perhaps do that.

    The soil moving isn't as bad as it sounds! Half a ton in two hours is completely do-able, and I didn't have any bad effects from that at all. I do think I feel better generally when I've achieved something.

    Yeah, OC, it'll definitely be worth it. Even if I don't take into consideration the sense of achievement I'll get from this, and the tasty veg, it will be worth it financially just this year, with organic veggies being the price they are. For example, once my asparagus is up and running properly in 3 or 4 years, it will produce something like £40 worth of organic asparagus every year.

    It's a good way to get me to be more healthy too, what with eating loads of veg and the exercise of moving soil and weeding and all that!