Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some garden pics

Right, well I'm trying to post some pics, despite the fact that my computer is being an twat.

This is my garden. It comprises three main areas - the bit directly behind the house, the orchard to the side of the house, and the bigger lawn area which kind of joins up the two other areas. Very hard to describe what I mean, but the pics might help.

Satellite pic which I blatently stole from Google Maps, on which I've marked our boundaries in light green. It's pretty big, and weirdly shaped.

Views from the back of the house. There's a small decked area and a square lawn, with a patio, barbeque and another decked area beyond that which has become rather overgrown. You'll notice that the whole garden is a bit of a mess, needing some serious tidying and weeding.

The overgrown area, and the walled patio. I think the patio's silly, and I want to convert the thing into a raised pond. The barbeque can move somewhere else.

The main lawn. The green cage is Basil's pen.

Taken from the far end of the big lawn.

The awful spar-dashed structure is the garage, which true to English tradition houses everything but the car. The awful black thing is Summer. This will eventually be my wildflower area, with plants that will attract bees and butterflies and birds.

The orchard, with its three apple trees, two pear trees, one plum and one greenage. I'm always amused by the leaning trees, which are probably 50 years old and obviously never staked. Guess which way the prevailing wind is around here? ;) I'll be sowing woodland-type plants here, to brighten the place up a bit.

Oh yeah, and the rhubarb's coming up. It'll be small and pathetic, like the last four years, but it's growing.

So that's the garden. We've got a bit of a challenge this year to get it looking good, I think.

First stage is my raised veg beds - more on that later!

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