Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nothing good again I'm afraid

Maybe a !!!TMI WOMAN STUFF!!! warning is in order.

This is embarrassing. But I'll tell it anyway.

I have unnecessary hair. Dark, manly hairs which grow on my chin, breasts and stomach. Not many of them admittedly, but enough to annoy me. Enough on my chin to take a good 5 minutes to tweeze them out every morning (and usually I end up getting bored and my hands ache so I shave off the last few). I've also noticed an increase in the area covered by my pubic hair. The problem's been getting steadily worse for the last couple of years.

Since I was going to the doc today anyway with my hips (which she isn't worried about unless they don't get better), I thought I'd mention it. I told her I thought it was a hormone imbalance, as I also usually have a couple of spots on my chin. She asked about my periods, and when I thought about it I realised that I'm quite irregular.

I was regular of course when I was on the pill, which I started taking at 17. At 20 or so I switched to the Depo Provera injection, which stopped my periods entirely. It's been maybe 3 years since I stopped taking Depo, and I'm pretty sure I've only menstruated this year. Once in April, once in June and now. Which is not normal.

Doc's thinking I might have polycystic ovary syndrome because I have most of the symptoms, particularly irregular periods, increased hair growth, "central" obesity (I'm apple-shaped), oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis, insulin resistance (well I most likely have that), and prolonged periods of PMS-like symptoms.

So I'm having more blood tests, to check out my hormones.

I don't know whether I'm happy or not. It could well be another thing that's wrong with me and can't be fixed. :(

On the other hand, it would give me something to moan about, which is always good.

EDIT: While I'm in menstrual mode (so to speak), I want to take the opportunity to pimp the Mooncup (silicone menstrual cup). This is my second period using it and I'm finding it very comfortable and convenient, and I'm being environmentally friendly. Plus I'll never have to worry about whether I have enough tampons on me and where I can buy more from if I need to again.

Seriously ladies, if you bleed, you need one. And no I'm not PPPing. I just like the product.


  1. Nonononononono on the mooncup! LOL

    I've been getting more hairs on my chin in the last year or so. Unfortunately my son keeps pointing it out. ;-)

  2. Me too with the hairs, I blamed it on hormones too, but HRT hasn't helped. I have to pluck my chin too, but only about four hairs every three or four days. No doubt they will get worse though. Something to look forward to. Not.

    Poor Anna, hope all your tests turn out the way you want them to. You really don't deserve all this shit in your life. *hugs*

    And I'm with attila, thank god I don't have periods anymore, but no way could I use the mooncup from what I've read about it. Yuck Yuck Yuck!

  3. Why's the mooncup any more yuk than a tampon?

    I really like mine. Okay, you have to see your blood, but you would with a pad so it's not so different. I love not having to worry about whether there's a bin available, and no TSS worry either. Much cheaper and so much better for the environment. There's really no bad there.

    No, I'm not on commission... lol!

    Just interested because a few women I've talked to are all "yuk" about it, but no-one's really explained why!