Monday, March 10, 2008

Just two things, because I'm off to make cake

A selection of us at the formal - I think this was all the Small Groups girlies that were there... I stole the picture from Harriet. I'm at the back in red, with straight hair and glasses.

1) Formal was AWESOME last night. Had people telling me I was wonderful all night, that the food was better (and cheaper, lol) than a proper tapas place, and a couple of people even told me that I should open a restaurant myself! Made all the hard work worth it - and it was hard work. At least I remained mostly calm. But couldn't have done it without all the lovely people who helped.

I might post in a bit more detail about it later.

2) I'm not needing a second pregnancy test. Yes, I have finally been visited by the period fairy. After making me worry all week (especially after I spoke to my friend Emma on Friday who told me that my last period was 5 weeks ago - she remembers because it was the week before hers), my little "friend" decides to show up the weekend of the formal. Thanks for that.

And yet again, on that note, I'm touting the Mooncup. I love my 'cup. I love not having to worry about whether I have enough tampons or towels, and the tell-tale carrying my bag to the loo with me. No more dilemma time with tampons - you know that thing where you're not sure if you need to change it yet, you don't want to wait too long in case you leak but if you take it out too soon it's rather uncomfortable? And definitely no more sleeping with a small mattress between my legs which invariably ends up out of place by morning - I generally sleep more than 8 hours so tampons at night are not an option. And I've saved money already, even with my actually-I-can't-be-bothered-this-month cycle.

Sorry, but the cup is so awesome that I feel compelled to tell everyone how great it is! There are a couple of negatives - you have to wash it out which isn't terribly convenient in a public loo but you can just wipe it out and wash it the next time, you do have to look at your own blood, and there's a certain amount of "bodily contact" required to insert and remove it but nowhere near as much as with a non-applicator tampon. But I can't say I mind any of that.

So yeah. Now I'm off to make some sort of orange cake because I have maybe 20 oranges left from the formal.


  1. I've been using the Mooncup for a year or two and I agree wholeheartedly it is by far the best thing!

    Also remembering it's not been linked with TSS or recurrent candida problems.

    And that tampons absorb ALL moisture from your pelvic area not just blood.

    And no contribution to flushed sanitary waste polluting the sea.

    And the money saving.

    shall I go on?

  2. Perhaps I should check this out - I've never seen one before. Are they expensive? DO they ever leak? Also, being an older, just before menopause lady, my periods are more like turning on a faucet - I wonder if a cup would work for that?

  3. Yeah, that too Kay! I'd also forgotten, no smell, and no urine soaked tampon strings (yuk).

    Also much more comfortable than a tampon - I know you're not supposed to be able to feel a tampon if it's in correctly, but I was always aware that I had one in. With the cup, I can only tell if I deliberately flex my "downstairs" muscles.

    Sayre, looks like there are a couple of different cups available in the US - the DivaCup and the Keeper/Moon Cup. Price is about $35.

    I haven't found leakage to be a problem at all - apparently it can happen a little during the first month when you're still getting used to positioning it (or haven't adjusted the stem properly yet) - it worked fine for me fron the first day. It forms a seal with your vaginal wall and can hold around 30ml (3x as much as a tampon).

    I had a horrible heavy period last year - it started very suddenly when I woke up - I headed for the bathroom as fast as I could, using my hand to try to catch the flow, but I'd still gotten blood on the carpet before I reached the toilet. Blood was literally gushing out, yuk, and continued that way for 3 days. And the Mooncup coped.

    All right, maybe that was a bit graphic... ;)

    I'd definitely give it a go.