Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just had a test done...



So plan now is to see if this breast thing goes away, and if not I'll make an appointment to see the doc.

How do I feel about the result? Don't feel very much really, which is kind of weird. Just tired, and slightly relieved that there's only maybe a 5% chance I need to make a massive life-changing decision.


  1. Congrats... I think. However, I think a negative test is a good thing for you - especially if you're not sure you want to have kids now or ever. Believe me, dealing with a child you're not prepared for is extremely difficult.

    I have another blog. It will probably turn into my ranting blog because I cannot believe what my husband suggested to me this evening and I can't write about it in my "family" blog.

    If you want to see, go to
    for my rant. It might be right up your alley!

  2. Yeah, that I can imagine.

    Thanks for the link! Just added SayreBlog #3 to BlogLines.

    Can't say I'm envying you there one bit.