Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Yeah, I really am.

I don't know where all the time goes though. I haven't done any clay/jewellery stuff for weeks, I have loads of actual work to do but I can't motivate myself to even start it. I've done a little knitting, but other than that... no idea where all that time went, or what I did with it.

I hate being in a rut like this, it's just so hard to get out of it and once I do I slip back so quickly.

Being in "nocturnal mode" as usual isn't helping.

I'm sick of it. And I'm also sick of the fact that every so often I post on here saying I'm sick of it and need to change, which serves no actual purpose because a few weeks later I'm in the same situation.

I'm really seriously thinking that I'm just never going to be able to live a "normal" life and have a proper job. I'm just not up to it, which is worrying.