Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I need your input, oh culinary people

I'm tired now. And lonely, because Michael's away for two nights with work. Generally feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Due to kitchen panicking, I ended up with some food left over from the formal. Like 4kg of onions, which should have gone in the fennel/orange salad and saffron rice. I made the executive decision that they'd be fine without onions (and they were). Similar decisions were made with other dishes.

So now I have...

2 big bunches of flat-leafed parsley, 1 small bunch of chives, a little coriander/cilantro
900g of mild cheese
3kg onions
20 oranges
15+ limes
5 bulbs of garlic
4 fennel bulbs
1 litre + of olive oil
Other stuff in more manageable amounts, such as chillies, various spices, butter, soured cream, sugar, eggs, concentrated vegetable stock.

.. which of course I'd rather not waste.

I've already made orange cake for Ladies' Choir (which dealt with some oranges, eggs, sugar and butter), and tonight a big pot of onion soup (which used, well, onions) which I'll eat some of and freeze the rest.

Any ideas what else I could make?? Assume I have common ingredients, including pretty much every type of herbs and spices it's possible to buy in Sainsbury's, and usual store cupboard stuff. Preferably something I can freeze.

Oh yeah, I'll be adding some of the formal recipes soon as well. Starting with the salmon in Canary Island green sauce, which Kim requested.

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  1. Chop up the lemons and limes and freeze as tasty ice cubes if you don't use them up.

    I have a great recipe for Sicilian onions and peas spaghetti if you'd like it.