Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'd forgotten, I'm having a mould problem in the propagator.

I sowed seeds in there Monday, and already today there was some unpleasant pale grey filamenty stuff on the surface of the compost. I guess the warm damp environment is exactly right for fungus. Bastards.

It will kill off the seedlings pretty quick if I don't sort it out. But I don't want to use nasty chemicals, as that's kind of against my organic ideals.

So the thought stuck me, that when Rosey and Basil (hedgehogs) had ringworm, which is a fungal infection, I used neem oil which worked impressively well. So can I use it on plants?

The internet says yes. Especially the many sites I found about growing marijuana.

So that's what I've used, just watered the compost with a dilute solution. I figure it can't hurt anyway, and might save me from having to resort to sulphur compounds.

I do NOT need my seedlings dying on me before I've even got the garden started!


  1. Very inventive... I'll be curious as to whether or not it works!

  2. Well fingers crossed. It does look a little better, certainly no worse.

    Although I did discover a great clump under some fibre pots today, which I presumably missed. So that got doused as well.

    And there are more squash plants coming up which don't seem to care a bit about the mould.