Thursday, January 29, 2009

At last...

How has it been two months since I last blogged?

Guess I'm out of the habit now, which is poor.Oh well, I'll try to get back into it by posting "The Last Two Months in Brief", not necessarily in order).

  • Carol singing was fun.
  • Christmas was nice, parents spent too much on me as usual and I got some great polymer clay books. I made jewellery for my mum, grandma, and Michael's mum, and they seemed to like it.
  • Spent entirely too much time playing a series of great games on my DS.
  • Had family round for Boxing Day, then got ill afterwards (cold or 'flu or something). Ill enough to just sit around not doing much for two weeks, but not ill enough to stay in bed.
  • My grandad had an operation to remove his prostate cancer, and he's doing fine. Although my whole family neglected to tell me about it and the first I heard was my grandma phoning a week afterwards asking why I didn't send him a get-well card.
  • After neglecting my work for weeks, I had to work like a bastard to complete the software manual I was recording. My throat didn't like that much. Talking for 4 hours straight = pain. I need to develop vocal stamina.
  • My lovely Summerdog developed pyometra (womb infection) and had an emergency spay on Tuesday. She's doing incredibly well, and is already almost back to her usual self. Poor doggy must have felt awful with a huge swollen womb full of pus. I'm trying not to feel guilty that I didn't get her spayed when she was younger, although I was never keen on an "unnecessary" operation, especially as it's much more invasive for a bitch. But a pyo spay is a much bigger operation with higher risks. She can have lead exercise starting tomorrow, but can't free run for a couple of weeks.
  • Since the vet tells me that Summer is 10 kilos overweight, I'm putting her on a diet. This involves me actually cooking stuff for her - if I cook I know exactly the proportions of protein, carbs and fat she's eating - and mixing it with a little of her normal dried food. Tonight she had chicken, broccoli, carrots, courgette, egg, and brown pasta with a little garlic, which she absolutely loved. I kind of feel like we could lose weight and get fitter together. I know we could both do with more exercise when she's recovered.
Think that's probably about it. Haven't done anything very exciting really.