Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wow, it's been ages!

I don't have an excuse, I just can't be bothered with blogging recently. Which is a shame, because I do actually enjoy it. Apologies for not keeping up with reading everyone else's blogs too - I actually miss you guys.

In my defense, I can't be bothered with anything much recently. I essentially spend my days reading, watching stuff I've recorded on Sky+ (recently The House of Eliott and My Parents are Aliens) and playing computer games (Zelda on the Wii, Pokemon Colosseum). Oh and feeding the birds mealworms. I'm still singing, in fact singing is the only thing that I'm managing to keep up. Sometimes I go birdwatching, or take the dog out. And I'm bored, but I can't motivate myself to find something interesting to do. I seem to have no mental energy left at all.

Anyway. Here's a quick recap, in bullet point form, in no particular order.

* We have a new kitchen. It's really nice. I'll post pictures later. We still need to tile the walls, and put a floor in, then we can decorate and it will be finished.
* My chinchillas died. We put a big cardboard tube in the cage for them to chew on, unfortunately it fell over and trapped the two of them inside. It's taken weeks for me to even be able to post about it, mostly because I feel horribly guilty that it was my fault (even though obviously I didn't mean to hurt them, I just didn't think). I miss those little guys. I cried a lot.
* Holly and Ivy (my two hedgehog guests) went back to the garden they came from. They'll be properly released within the next week or so - they are big girls now and more than ready to lead a natural wild life.
* My friend Boo died. I posted in my other blog about her so I won't repeat myself here, but she was a wonderful woman who I met through the hedgehog forums and Yahoo Messenger chat. I miss her too.
* "My" robin (imaginatively named Mr Robin) built a nest with Mrs Robin in one of my conifer trees. They hatched four chicks, which fledged a couple of weeks ago and are hanging around most of the time waiting for me to put more mealworms out! And the parents have another brood now which judging my the amount of food Mr Robin is taking to them, won't be long before they fledge. I like that I'm making all their lives easier by providing loads of worms.
* Mr Robin will now land on my hand to take worms. He's a bit flicky and nervous about it, but doesn't hesitate when I put my hand out. Also two of the fledglings come to my hand too - one's nervous and the other is very relaxed about it and will actually stand on my hand while I put more worms on it with my other hand. Bless them, they are gorgeous.
* Two of my choirs have a concert on 12 May. Andrew Carter's Benedicite, Paul Basler's Missa Kenya and Karl Jenkins's The Armed Man. I really like the Benedicite, can't say I'm over keen on the others. Should be fun to sing though. Andew Carter's actually coming to work with us in our rehearsal tomorrow night - the man's a legend.
* Ladies' Choir have a concert tonight. Some poems by Wordsworth, Tennyson, etc, set to music by Harriet's dad, Stuart Johnson. They are pretty.

I'm sure there are more things I wanted to tell, but I can't think of them right now.

Oh, just wanted to do a quick plug for my brother's band, Turning Hollow. Here's their MySpace page. I'm going to do vocals for them, maybe even do some gigs with them!

Later guys.


  1. Sorry to hear about the chinchillas. Glad you are keeping up with your singing, so when are you going to sing on yahoo voice chat for us?!

  2. Whenever you want Janine...

    So long as you don't mind it being alto stuff rather than the tune!

  3. Somewhat shy about posting a comment, partly because I'm very new to blogging and partly because I'm twice your age and it just doesn't feel right! Really like reading about what you've been doing - lots of overlapping interests - gardening, food, singing. We sing in a choir in Royston, Herts & will do a week in Ripon Cathedral in August. Great to find someone else who likes the Carter! If you've nothing better to do, my blog is at and website is
    Hope the link works. Don't yet know how to make a link to my blog for you.