Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's always so hard to think of a title for my posts

Basil's foot doesn't look any worse and the swelling on the leg has gone down a bit. He still isn't eating much, but I'm not really worried about that, as he seems fine in himself.

Our big concert was Saturday night, and only Michael came to see it. My parents were away (admittedly only camping at Clumber Park which isn't very far, they could have driven to Sheffield), my brother thought the concert was in June, Helen had a prior engagement she couldn't get out of, Kaz was at a wedding, Lauren was too tired. No reply from the other friends I contacted. Admittedly I didn't give them much notice, but still... I'm somewhat disappointed that only Michael came to support me. Oh well.

Concert went well anyway, I'll post more about it when I have a bit more time.

This week is Mental Health week. Maybe I'll attempt to make and fly a kite, it looks like fun.

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  1. I hope you do fly a kite! Life is too short not to! Go, BASIL!!!!