Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It flies!!

As I thought, the blue tit can now fly. He's gone from one end of the cage to the other a couple of times while I've been watching. Now if I can just persuade him to move towards me when I feed him, I'll be happy.

We're referring to him as "him" for convenience, no idea what sex it actually is!

I mostly seem to call him Fluff, but then I call the dog that too... none of the names we've come up with seem quite right.

While I'm here, Basil is doing okay too. The dead stuff's still there, but the leg looks much better.

Not sure there's much else to tell.


  1. OMG that is the cutest little bird I've ever seen! I love the pissed-off expression on his face. That is so nice of you to take care of him like that, Anna!

  2. How can I say no to that face?

    He's even more cute in the flesh, bless him. His cheeping and gaping for food and the way he clings to things with his little feet. I'll have to see about getting a video of him.

    I have got him on webcam though!

  3. awwww. Now just wait. Somebody's going to google "blue balls and tits" and come up with your blog! LOL

  4. Lol Attila, guess they'd also be disappointed if they clicked on my webcam... as it's currently called Tit Cam.