Friday, May 25, 2007

New house guest

Michael found a baby bird at work today, looked as if it had fallen out of the nest and he couldn't put it back (nest's too high up).

The bird has feathers, but its wing feathers aren't developed enough to fly. There was another chick near it but that one was dead, poor thing.

Anyway, he brought it home and we're hand feeding it. I've thought that maybe he shouldn't have taken it, maybe it is old enough to leave the nest and maybe the parents were feeding it. But it's done now, although to be honest I don't think it's ready to leave the nest.

From what I've read, once babies get their feathers they start to sit up "on their hocks", then once they're older they perch properly. This one's sitting rather than perching. It did grip onto my fingers when I moved it into the tissue nest I made for it.

It's either a blue tit or a great tit. We're currently feeding it on mealworms (I have to crush the heads of the worms, yuk), about every 30 minutes or whenever it calls, during the day. Looks like I'll have to be up early to start feeding again.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Plus I have other stuff to tell.

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