Friday, May 11, 2007

It gets worse

When I checked Basil's foot Wednesday night, it looked okay. The swelling had gone down some and the foot was a more normal colour.

I had a quick look last night when I came in from choir rehearsal, and it's not good.

The foot is black from where the thread was wrapped round down to the toes. It feels dry and hard and dead.

I've made an appointment with my nice vet for this afternoon. I know at least the dead part will have to be amputated, hopefully she won't have to take any more than that. I'm pretty sure the heel pad is okay, so maybe he could get around on that bit. Otherwise it will probably be a full leg amputation, like Rosey.

As usual when something happens to one of my animals, I feel guilty. Even though it's not my fault, and I've saved his life several times in the past.

Poor little guy. Good job I already don't believe in karma or God or anything - what did that hedgehog do to deserve all the bad things that have happened to him?

Jackie (vet) says that the foot still has some feeling, and it's still warm, so hopefully it's just the skin that's dead. The dead bit should slough off by itself, and if the underlying tissue is okay the skin will grow back and he'll be able to get around fine on the heel. Otherwise we're looking at amputation. And she's given him antibiotics (Baytril) because the leg is still pretty swollen.

So better news than I thought. Thank goodness.


  1. Poor little Basil. Lets hope that they dont have to amputate. Over here we have a topical ointment called trypzyme that helps with the removal of necrotic tissue. Hope the Baytril doesnt upset his tummy. Keep up the good work!

  2. oh thats good news that he keeps his leg. Its not your fault anna, I now think that these things are meant to happen, there isnt anything we can do. Maybe if you had released him worse would have happened so this did so you keep him longer

  3. Thanks Janine, I'll ask my vet about that if I need to take him back. I thought I might give him a little live yogurt once he's finished the Baytril.

    Fingers crossed for him Nic, the foot doesn't look any worse tonight, the leg's a bit less swollen and he's eating a little, and taking the Baytril okay. I wish I could believe you about everything happening for a reason, it would be nice if things were that way, unfortunately I can't persuade myself!