Saturday, May 26, 2007


So I got up at 5am to feed the chick... after sleeping very badly, and waking up often thinking I could hear it calling! And it simply ignored me. Two hours later, it grudgingly accepted a worm.

I'm guessing since I fed it up to after 9pm last night, it's not really hungry yet.

It can take a little persuading to open its beak, I'm experimenting with the best way of doing it but obviously it's used to the parent birds feeding it and I'm not giving the right signals. I'm combining whistling (in poor imitation of the call it makes), "swooping" in with the mealworms in tweezers, moving my fingers just above its head, and tapping the side of its beak. Sometimes it works.

I'm worried, probably unnecessarily, that it isn't eating enough. But I guess if it isn't calling or gaping, it isn't hungry. I'm feeling my way here, since I haven't had any experience with birds, and I'm not having much luck with finding out exactly how much they should eat. The 'net tells me that I should feed as much as it wants, so I probably should stop worrying.

Maybe I'm imagining it, but I'm pretty sure it's different from yesterday. It's a little bigger, slightly less fluffy, and a touch calmer. Not in the least bit frightened of me. Sure is one cute little thing! And today it looks like blue tit. I had an idea it was when I saw it yesterday because of the size (it's really tiny), but Michael said he saw one of the parents go into the nest and he thought it was a great tit. But Michael has been known to be wrong on occasions. ;)

I took the little one out to the roleplaying club last night, since it needed to be fed every 30 mins or so, which sparked some interest. I guess I won't be going out much for a while!

Pics will be posted once Michael gets up and transfers them onto the computer. Oh yeah, and suggestions for a name (unisex) will be gratefully received, since we're all out of inspiration.

UPDATE: It's just taken a record 4 worms!!! Yay!

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