Monday, May 07, 2007

The continuing Basil saga

Poor Basil.

Unbeknown to me, there was a loose thread on the piece of old sheet we'd given Basil for bedding when we brought him in. The thread ended up wrapped around one of his back feet, just below the toes, and of course his foot swelled up.

He'd tried to free himself, and bitten off the ends of the two middle toes. I found all this when I went to check on him last night, and then spent two hours trying to cut the thread, while his foot slowly swelled up even more. Eventually we managed to cut the thread with a scalpel, and then the foot started bleeding so the circulation must have been cut off.

The foot and leg still look very swollen today, and there was more blood in the cage so I'm guessing he's been licking/nibbling the foot. I sat him in cold water for half an hour or so to help with the swelling, and I've fitted him with a collar so he can't get to it anymore.

He hasn't eaten and I don't think he had a drink last night either, but he did drink a little of the water I put him in earlier. On the plus side the foot is warm so the circulation wasn't off long enough for the foot to start dying, and he seems quite lively, sniffing at everything. He's been very patient with me messing about with him, except for when I though I was going to drop him and shifted my grip a little too roughly and he bit me. Can't say I blame him.

I'll see how he is tomorrow, if there's any sign of infection I'll have him to the vet.

Poor guy. He's not having an easy time of it.

Our next door neighbours have just offered us their huge rabbit run for use with hogs! It's in two sections with sleeping boxes, so it would be perfect. It's very kind of them. So Basil will have new luxury accomodation when he's well enough to go outside again.


  1. You obviously get on well with your neighbours, you'd best ignore my comment on the previous post then. I'm afraid I'm not as placid as you! I've fallen out with neighbours here for lesser things, I would have told them where to stick their cage, and their dogs. Perhaps they will offer to pay your vet bill if you have to take Basil to the vets.

  2. It's a different neighbours Jan. The ones with the dogs back onto our garden, they are on a different road.

    The ones who gave us the cage are right next door to us. They do have a dog, but it's smallish and apart from barking at Summer it doesn't cause problems. Actually both sets neighbours are really nice. Hopefully it won't happen again.

    And Basil's foot wasn't the dog's fault, it happened because of the bedding I gave him.

    Looking at him tonight, the foot is still very swollen but he's moving about on it all right and I don't see signs of infection. I'll reassess him tomorrow.

  3. that hog sure has gone though it! Still he is a fighter! PLus he has his hog mum to look after him

  4. Yeah, tell me about it Nic!

    Poor thing looks miserable with the collar on, just sits there all disgruntled. But I don't want him damaging his foot again.

  5. What a lovely gesture from your neighbours.
    I remember my dog wearing a "lampshade" and hating it until he realised he got more walks and food with it on!! Not that will work for a hog I suspect!!

    Good luck with Basil!!

  6. Thanks Corinna. :)

    He still hasn't had anything to eat or drink, and doesn't seem to have moved very much.

    I think I'll have to had feed him a little until his appetite comes back.