Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today's diet

I've been following the portion guide recommended by Diabetes UK. Today has gone okay. Recommended number of portions are in brackets, actual portions I've had, er, aren't.

Protein (2-3) = 2
Starch (7-14) = 7
Fruit/veg (5-9) = 6
Dairy (3) = 3
Sugary/fatty (less than 4) = 4
Alcohol (less than 2) = 2

Colour coding helps my brain, okay?


  1. Hey, Anna - I've found a very useful online food/activity journal at www.FitDay.com. It is REALLY helpful. Check it out!

  2. Ooh yes, FitDay is a good one!

    Only problem I have with it is that it's somewhat "Americanised", so sometimes it takes a while for me to find foods that we have different names for!

    That said, I have a copy of the offline version which I have used in the past. I may well use it again now too.

  3. Anna, I'm proud of you! My diet for today consisted of the following:

    one cafe con leche with 3 tsp of sugar (I'm Cuban)
    one mid-size piece of vanilla cake with strawberry cream frosting

    One baked potato from Wendy's with everything (broccoli, butter, bacon, cheese, chives) and extra sour cream

    Who knows?

    I been baaaaaaaad...

  4. Oh Carmen...

    ...sounds pretty good to me!

    Except the sugar. Sugar is evil.