Monday, August 14, 2006

I know, I know...

... you all think I'm obsessed with sex.

I'm not. But this entry does concern sex, and for that I apologise.

It also concerns my dog, Summer. But it's not what you think!

Summer just finished the bleeding part of her season a few days ago, so she's now in the "receptive phase". And recently we had a woman move in next door who has a rather handsome golden retriever dog, Toby. The two dogs have met and made friends, and enjoyed playing together, and now that Summer's so "attractive" she's taken to forcing her way through the hedge into the orchard, then going through the next hedge into next door's garden so she can play with her new friend.

She was whining to go out earlier so I opened the door for her and being distracted, forgot to keep an eye on her.

Two minutes later when she didn't come in when I called, I heard her next door again. I went round to collect her to find them playing, with Toby occasionally trying to mount. And she's such a ho, she was even standing and lifting her tail for him!

Luckily he's been neutered, but he doesn't know that!

Also luckily our new neighbour is very nice and didn't mind Summer being over there - we were laughing about how they seem to have fallen in love, following each other around and Toby licking Summer's ears and face.

I'm a bit annoyed at Summer for ignoring me when I call, but I guess she's just following her instincts so I couldn't shout at her or anything - besides, Toby's obviously encouraging her! We often refer to her as the "ho dog" because she'll roll over and let anyone tickle her belly, and it amused me that now she really is a ho dog.

I suppose the point of me telling this story was partly to see if I get a visitor to my blog who's navigated here by Googling "dog sex". I've had one who Googled "sexy snails", so why the hell not? And a friend of mine says he had a visitor to his site who was looking for "warhammer 40k porn". The mind boggles.


  1. well it wasnt me! Before you say it... now if it had been slugs...ha ha.
    poor summer, just when she gets a bloke she gets called in! You are mean!!

  2. Too bad Toby is already neutered. I bet they'd have made beautiful puppies together!

    Are you going to let her mate? Or are you just going to get through this heat?

  3. Lol Nic!

    Sayre, he's gorgeous so I bet the puppies would have been lovely. I always meant to get her spayed but she'll be 6 in December so it seems less and less worth it as time goes on. Keeping her in has never been a problem before! And welcome, by the way :)

  4. What was he writing about to get Warhammer porn traffic? Mind boggles.

  5. What was he writing about to get Warhammer porn traffic? Mind boggles.

  6. Cheryy, I have no idea. I'm not sure he does either though!

    That said, he is a strange boy.... he writes a webcomic!