Tuesday, August 29, 2006


On the way home from Minsmere (when we played the bird word game), I created a visual image for Michael. He recognises a lapwing (the above photo is one of his), but was having trouble remembering the name of it, so I asked him to picture the bird with a cat lapping milk from its wing. The theory being that the weird image would help him recall the name - and it worked, he gets the name straight away now.

And the other night I thought about this and was inspired to do a little drawing for him to make him smile. And here it is. I don't profess to being an artist, but it turned out okay and it amused me anyway.Mark it well, I'll be testing you later.

Also if I mention "pussy licking" I might attract more people looking for porn.


  1. took me some time what you said the other night...perhaps you should draw that too

  2. "Also if I mention "pussy licking" I might attract more people looking for porn."

    <----sneaking outta here with a very guilty look on my face. ;-)

  3. You are so funny, that post certainly caught my attention! Loved the drawing!

  4. Hey! After the snail orgies I had to take a peek!

  5. I don't know Anna, how wicked are you?

  6. I'm disappointed that I haven't had more weird referrals recently really... maybe I need to be more extreme!

    Attila, you're a bad girl. You'll go blind...and get hairy palms.