Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fun Day

So we took Rosey to a "Fun Day" at a local pet shop today. The idea was to raise awareness of hedgehogs and also to sell some of my little knitted hogs.

It turned out to be a nice day. There were loads of dogs, even a dog fashion show. Also stalls with creepy crawly insect pets (such as a funky giant millipede which I got to hold) and snails and such, animal handling for the kids, ferret racing and a sponsored ferret walk. And the usual tombolas, free pet food, guess-the-name-of-the-teddy-bear and so on.

Rosey spent a lot of the day in a cat carrier in the back room of the shop out of the way, and she came out for animal handling and a few other times during the day. She really did attract a lot of interest, with both kids and adults, so many commented about how cute she is and how the spikes aren't as hard as they thought, and I heard a lot of stories about people feeding them, and kids helping them over roads - it's very encouraging to hear that there are some nice caring people out there.

And we sold 22 little hogs, making a total of £47. :)

The highlight of the day for me was the couple from Sheffield who brought their pet skunk, which I fell hopelessly in love with as she was the most gorgeous cuddly thing ever. Her name's Tallulah, and she cost £500! I got to hold her while her owner spoke on the microphone about her, and she spent a lot of the time cuddled into my neck almost asleep - she's just 12 weeks old, bless. I want one. Seriously. And before you ask, she didn't smell, as pet ones have their anal glands removed - a very slight musky odour was all I got, nothing compared to stinky ferrets! They are a lot like ferrets but without the smell and the nippy teeth and the wriggliness. I will have one one day! Enjoy some pictures, but excuse the quality asI took them with my phone.

A slightly gormless-looking woman with Tallulah.

And again.

Me enjoying some skunk love!! Poor tired skunky, she's almost asleep. <3


  1. Well done with the fund raising Anna. All down to your hard work.

    Love the skunk, I want one too, so does Phoebe but for different reasons. ;)

  2. Have you ever thought that the "slighly gormless woman" who is pictured with the skunk may do a blogger search for "skunk" ???!!!

    Well done though Anna, glad it turned out so well, lucky you didn't have our weather though, else it would have been a disaster.

  3. lol Jan, then the s**t would hit the fan!

  4. Nah Jan, she doesn't look like she could spell skunk.

  5. What a cute skunk! Anna, aren't those giant millipedes poisonous?

  6. Love the skunk, Anna. Tallulah is a great name too!

    I'm pretty much a sucker for anything small and soft and furry. But for now, I'm sticking with cats. My dogs have all died of old age now, and my cats would eat any other small, soft, furry friends I brought home....

  7. Carmen, not sure if they're poisonous, only that I haven't died yet.

    Sayre, me too. I can't resist furry things. I can take or leave rats and ferrets though.

    I'd love a cat too, but him indoors says no. Bah.