Monday, August 14, 2006

I've accepted the challenge....

I'm now part of Operation Lose That Ass.

So, some vital info.

I'm 26 years old. I'm 5'6" and 193lb as of last week. I know I should have weighed myself this morning, but I forgot all about it - I'll weigh tomorrow and update. Idealy I'd like to be 150lb or so.

As for pants size, it all depends on where I shop. Officially I'm a UK 20 (US 18) down there, but the jeans I bought from Sainsbury's the other day were way too big in a 20 so I got them in an 18 instead.

I'd like to get down to a 16 so I can buy clothes more easily, and shop in "normal" shops rather than "plus size" ones.

Foodwise, I have to consider my diabetes so I can't cut down carbs. Instead I'm going to cut out unhealthy snacks and eat loads of fruit and veggies instead, and limit cheese and red meat. Also smaller portions of chicken/fish/eggs. A typical day will look like this...

Wholewheat cereal with milk, some seeds/nuts and fruit. 100ml of juice (I can't have more juice than this as it's high in sugar).

Cereal bar or fruit.

Chicken/fish/egg sandwich on wholemeal bread with salad. Low-fat yogurt.

Fruit and handful of nuts.

Small portion of chicken/fish/veggie alternative, with starch (potatoes, wholemeal pasta/rice/bread/noodles, grains) and at least two portions of veggies. Fruit and low-fat yogurt.

Dried fruit.

I'll allow myself the occasional treat of a bit of cake or chocolate or whatever. Exercise is difficult because I feel tired and uncomfortable/in pain with fibromyalgia a lot of the time, but I will make an effort to be a bit more active.


  1. Go for it Anna, and good luck.

    I would join you, but I've just lost a stone in weight over the past three months, although having the trots in order to do so is not recommended!!

  2. I just got back from a walk around the block (hills and all) and my legs hurt. I am SO out of shape!

    Better start off easy and work up!

  3. Good Luck Anna!

    Hubby is diabetic so we're pretty careful on what we eat.

    Take care of yourself with that and the fibro. I know a lady with that and I understand it's the pits.

    OKAY! Time to talk smack.

    Say it with me, say


    I believe you call them biscuits, or is it bickies?

    Either way, they are so terribly, melt in your mouth yummy aren't they? (snicker)

  4. Digi - I'll try not to do that one, doesn't sound like fun at all! Poor you!

    Sayre - it makes me tired just thinking about it. In fact my legs hurt now and I haven't even done anything. Still I do need to try, and as you said, starting out slow is good. Eventually I might even leave the house. ;)

    Nikki - are you trying to sabotage me already? It won't work, I've just had a bit of chocolate. Weirdly though, I'm now craving blueberries - that can't be normal.
    *rushes off to bake cookies*

  5. Anna, That diet sounds sensible and healthy. I should be on it too, seeing as how I need to lose around 30 lbs.

  6. Carmen - why not join us, if you want to? I'm already enjoying the support for the others involved! (And of course the shame when I don't lose anything... positive thinking huh?) ;)

    Thanks Nic :)

  7. You brave thing. I'd never have the guts to post my weight on here, least not til I got back down to a size 8.

    Good luck x

  8. Cherry, I don't think I've ever been a size 8!!

    It's not so much bravery as an attempt to shame myself into making some effort.

  9. I think I should join you Anna, now that the wedding is over, I am going to try. Got to get hubby on some sort of healthy diet too.

  10. Be safe, but above all else...remember I will win.