Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OLTA update

I've lost 2lb this week.

Next week I plan to do exercise! I'm going to use EyeToy: Kinetic which I got at Christmas, and work out 3 times a week, gently at first.

Unlike everyone else, I'm not trying to win this. There's no way I can compete when I can't exercise much because of the achy muscles and pain and tiredness I get from fibromyalgia.

But whatever I lose will help my poor falling-apart body to function that bit better.


  1. Honestly, that's how I feel too, Anna. But this was the "kick in the pants" I needed to get myself going. Sometimes it's just hard to start.

    And I have to admit - the combination of trash-talking and encouragement is pretty funny. I think I've got Nikki on the run! (Of course, I can't run - my knees and ankles won't allow it.)

  2. Sayre, you will beg for mercy after I stomp you! HAHAHAHAHA!

    In your blog to me, I demand that you something along the lines of "I want to be just like Nikki, because she rocks and is gorgeous and everyone loves her"

    ...maybe not, I just threw up a little in my mouth. LOL

  3. Are you following me? All the way across the ocean?

    You are so witty - I can't wait to read your ode to ME!

  4. 2lbs? that's 2 more than me. That's what I hate about dieting, there's no instant gratification. If I exercise, I want to be able to get into a tight skirt immediately. That's why I've given up so often in the past. But I'm really going to try harder this time.
    Not sure I'm going to be able to keep up the running for long though. Your Eyetoy sounds like much more fun.

  5. Fantastic anna! 2lb loss a week is ideal, you should be very proud of yourself!!!

    Just take it easy on the exercise, start off at a slow pace and work your way up to it, as your fitness levels improve, otherwise you will either injure yourself and not be able to exercise, or hurt then get pissed off with exercise.

    Oh and dont forget to squeeze your arse whilst you are reading this


  6. Nic, consider my arse squeezed.

    My friend want me to go to aerobics with ehr, and maybe I might even go...