Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vet visit

Basil scratched at his face last night and removed the new scab. Guess it's itchy where it's healing. The plus side of this is that I realised that it isn't infected, it was just that where the cut had sealed itself it was a light colour.

He was much more lively last night in general, attacking the syringe when we were feeding him, and sniffing around, even trying to wander off. He hasn't shown much interest in his food though, I'm going to try some different things to tempt him. I'm hoping as he starts to feel better his appetite will return.

We went to see the vet this afternoon, mostly because the remaining ticks are proving very difficult to remove as he has so many underneath him and they are small - plus he won't let us near the ones on his face and ears. She sprayed him with Frontline to kill the ticks and had a look at his wound, which she says is healing up fine. Apparently it doesn't matter if he does scratch it a few times as long as I clean it each time and he doesn't make a habit of it - the new skin will still grow underneath. There's no infection so he doesn't need antibiotics.

All in all it's looking quite good.

I continue to be pleased with the vet's surgery (Vets4Pets in Chesterfield) as the vet there acknowleges that she doesn't know everything about hedgehogs, asks for my opinion and discusses treatments with me. She's also very gentle with the hogs and they only charge for the medication and not for their time (cost me £6.50 for the Frontline). Also the vet nurse has rehabilitated hogs herself so she's pretty knowlegable. I'd certainly recommend them.

Summer found a little hog in the garden last night, and after what's happened to Basil (and after being pawed and barked at by a big dog) I brought it in and checked it out. She looks fine, a few ticks but nothing a healthy hog can't handle, very bright and alert and soooooo cute!! She's been named Jasmine, marked and released. I hope she'll stay around.


  1. Oh Anna, I'm so pleased for you about the news on Basil. And that little one Jasmine, so cute, lovely. You are lucky have that good vets near to you as well, although to be fair mine were very good with Snuffles and only charged me for the drugs too, not the consultations, otherwise I would be bankrupt now! A vet I used to have before I moved had little idea about pet birds, and they rang me up a few times to ask my opinion about cockatiels and budgie problems they had! Makes you feel useful sometimes. I wish I could have my time again, I would have chosen a career in vetinary nursing I think, although maybe I'm not tough enough, I would be in floods of tears too often I think.

  2. Bugger I've made a typo. Ooooh I hate that. I do know how to spell veterinary! I wish you could edit these comments.

  3. awwwwww now thats such a cute hog..

  4. Isn't she gorgeous?

    I know what you mean Jan, as a kid I wanted to be a vet but decided against it when I was about 9 and saw a program about pit bull terriers which ended with one being put to sleep. I cried for ages and knew I couldn't do that unless it was to put a dying animal out of its misery.

  5. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.