Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Basil news

Basil's head look a little better today, it's definitely scabbing now. He's looking quite sleepy, I guess he needs to rest a lot to recover and he could well be still in shock. He seems to spend a lot of time lying down flat on his belly with his chin on the floor, probably that's the most comfortable position for him.

We've just given him a little food which I've made up - basically a think liquidised soup made with minced chicken, barley, oats, cat biscuits and peanut butter with honey, garlic (helps digestion and immune system), ginger and cinnamon (to stimulate appetite) and some child vitamins, which he seems to quite like - he licked it off his lips and didn't fight the syringe at all. I'm hoping it'll help him get his appetite back. It may be of course that eating hard cat biscuits is hurting him so I'll provide him with something softer tonight too. He's definitely been drinking on his own at least.

I'll add a picute later.

So far 60-70-ish ticks have come off, but there are still hundreds more. I'm going to oil him again later.


  1. Fingers crossed for you and him Anna, hoping that he will come through all this. Those bloody tics! Where on earth would they have all come from in such a huge quantity? Just terrible.

    I'm going to have to stop putting sultanas out for my birds on the kitchen windowsill too. I use a coffee jar lid, with a sucker pad thing to hold it in place. Earlier, there were 15 flies on it, you couldn't even see a sultana, and of course if I open the window, they are all coming in here. And don't even mention wasps....grrrrrr

  2. I wonder if he'd strayed across a load of newly-hatched tick eggs and they'd all got him?

    At least the oil seems to be taking care of them. Bastards.

  3. So sorry to hear about Basil... glad he found his way home so you could take good care of him! Hope he gets better soon!

  4. Just checking to see how Basil is doing, cute little thing. Good work, Anna.

  5. If anyone can cure him you will!

  6. 60-70 ? wow those things are disgusting, when 10, couldnt imagine that number on poor basil, no wonder he has been drowsey

  7. Thanks for your support and good wishes everyone, much appreciated.

    Nic, he had so many ticks you could hardly see his belly and his back legs were almost as bad And around 20 on his face. No exaggeration. Some were huge, but most were tiny.

    He had some big ones behind and in his ears, but most of the others were tiny - I guess tiny ones are the worst because they'll be on there for ages, at least the big ones are pretty much ready to drop off.

    He seems much happier now the majority of them are gone.