Friday, July 28, 2006

"Little hog"

You know what? Basil's a lucky boy.

I don't just mean in that his injury could be a lot worse, and in us finding him on two separate occasions when he was in trouble.

I mean in the trouser department.

Of course I've had the occasional look down there to check everything's okay, and I've noticed what I thought was the penis. Have a look at the picture - these are African Pygmy hedgehogs but they are pretty much the same as their European counterparts.

Last night when Basil was looking particularly ill and floppy I was shocked to see something huge and pink and cylindrical under his belly - my first throught was that it was a prolapsed intestine until I realised how stupid that thought was.

But it turned out that what you can see on the picture was not the actual penis - the 3-inch long, 1/2-inch wide pink object that I saw was the penis.

To give you an idea of scale, Basil's body nose-to-tail is probably 7 or 8 inches. And a quick google tells me that 10% of an adult male hedgehog's weight is in his penis. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

I'll leave you with this picture, which I found amusing. As I'm obviously in a penis mood.


  1. Anna, you just MAY be rubbing too much oil on Basil for his ticks. he he he he

  2. Hey it has to be that long to avoid injury!!!! It can run from their tums to their noses, for obvious reasons!!!

    Oh god am I going to live this one down?

  3. I never throught I'd want to come back as a female hedgehog!

  4. I'm going to go scrub that image out of my brain right now thank-you-very-much!


  5. Carmen - that's a dirty mind you've got there. Wash it out with soap and water.

    Nic - I blame you for anything to do with hog sex. ;)

    Cherry - get in line!

    Attila - is that worse than the snails? I haven't even mentioned chinchilla penises yet....

  6. I used to know a guy who would be envious of a willy that length. *guffaw* Sorry, too much info!