Monday, July 24, 2006

Basil update, aka I also hate ticks

Another warning for the squeamish - this picture's not so horrible as the last one, but still not nice.

I've just checked on Basil and covered him in oil which he wasn't very impressed with. The wound is scabbing over but it still looks horrible and sore. Compare with the picture in my previous post.

I've managed to see exactly how many ticks there are on him - literally hundreds. I'm not joking. Most of them are tiny but they are everywhere, including two right next to his eyes and lots in his ears and even a couple on his penis. I can't imagine how he's picked up so many in just a few days. I guess a week or so with those guys on him would have killed him even if he didn't have flystrike - a couple of ticks doesn't harm a healthy hog but that many.... he wouldn't have any blood left!

Ticks are now at number 3 in my invertebrate hate list. And you know me, I don't like to kill anything, but I'd happily kill any number of flies and ticks at the moment.

Fucking bastard insects. How dare they do that to my Basil?? The cute little guy I nursed for so long - the weeks of hand feeding and giving him antibiotics, the neem baths, the tea tree oil cream on his nose every night for months, his lovely furry little skirt and his pretty eyes and his snuffly nose. Even the way he used to bite me while I was feeding him (and bit me last night as I was taking him to his cage).

No fucking respect.


  1. Poor Basil, however, I know he is in the right hands to recover. Nature can be very cruel.

    BTW Anna, you didn't keep me up! I was happy to listen to you talking about Basil as always!

  2. Thanks Boo!

    I'm pretty sure that it was a strimmer that got him, and Nic thinks so too.

    Guess someone just didn't look.

  3. Yeuuwww!! I couldn't have done that.

    I read the Padley Post. What a chivalrous chap your Michael is - a gem! x

  4. And he has a nice bod too! ;)

  5. Yes, he is lovely, I think I'll keep him!

  6. Glad to hear Basil is doing better. I hate ticks and fleas and all parasitic bugs (I include cockroaches even though they aren't parasitic. Yuck).

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