Friday, July 21, 2006

Love is...

Michael can be very sweet at times, bless him.

We were in Padley Gorge this morning - for those of you who haven't been there, it's a wooded gorge with a stream at the bottom, huge gritstone boulders everywhere, dippers and pied flycatchers - we took the dog for a walk and tried to find me a dipper. I got one, yay, but I digress.

Being a wood in summer, there were wood ants everywhere, thousands, millions of them. I foolishly hadn't thought about it and wore my sandals. And as I was navigating a tricky little stream and feeling a little less than secure in my footing, I felt a sharp pain in my foot and looked down to see the jaws of an ant embedded in my flesh. It felt like a needle. A big sharp needle.

Michael had to seriously swipe at it to get it to let go. Maybe it was karma, I'd probably squashed loads of them as I was walking. But it hurt and I didn't like it.

And Michael (who had been sensible and worn trainers and socks) gave me his socks to wear so the ants didn't get me again.

He didn't even laugh at how stupid I looked wearing socks with my sandals, and still managed to keep a straight face when I tucked my jeans into the socks to stop the nippy little buggers from getting inside them.

He's a star.

Please note, my legs aren't really that fat, I'm just wearing very baggy jeans. Honest.


  1. You look loverly! What a beautiful place that must be. I'm jealous.

  2. Lol Anna, very chic!

    I'm afraid I squashed an insect that bit me too today. I never, ever kill anything normally, but I am so sick of these tiny little flies that are around at the moment, that have spotty wings, they are really weeny sized, but they bite like hell, and I come up in huge itchy lumps like flea bites, and I have ripped myself to pieces with them. I have five on my legs and two on my arms, and I took my revenge. Felt terrible afterwards though, he was only hungry I suppose. :(

  3. Lol, Anna, you could be starting a new trend!

    I have seen wood ants and I don't like them. They are nasty looking things and they DO bite!

    Aww bless Michael for his gallantry.

  4. Carmenzta - it is a gorgeous place, well worth a visit if you find yourself this side of the pond! You're spoilt for choice in Derbyshire when it comes to beautiful scenery, I'm so glad I live here.

    Jan - I hate insect bites, they always seem to get me. I find witch hazel gel is very good to stop the itching, or lavender oil applied neat. Those flies, do they make a very high-pitched whiny hum as they zoom around your bedroom at night waiting for a bit of bare flesh to be exposed so they can get you?

    Boo - I hope not! That silly fashion of wearing leggings under demin skirts is bad enough!