Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weight/fitness stuff

I've mentioned a few times that I'm trying to lose weight, and get fitter. Basically by exercising and trying not to eat too much crap.

I'm not on a special diet, just trying to keep a sensible balance - and to me, sensible includes cake, biscuits and ice cream! In moderation, of course.... As for exercise, I'm currently doing 5 sessions a week. 3 with EyeToy:Kinetic (which will increase as I get fitter - it's moved me up to a higher difficulty level this week), one long dog walk with Emma, and one dance mat session with Emma.

This week is week 4. I haven't had an official weigh-in (without clothes, on my scale rather than the doctor's) for a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure I can see a difference in my stomach and lower back. Both are much more squidgy, and my stomach in particular has a lot more loose skin. It's not pretty. Hopefully it'll go away. Hopefully. There's pretty good muscle underneath.

I'm a strange shape really. Most of my fat's on the torso, with some on the thighs. Apart from the fat, I have legs like a footballer, very muscular. With little ankles. I have similarly slim lower arms, and tiny wrists which just make the rest of me look fatter. I blame my mother, it's her genes that did this!

Anyway. I used this site to give me an approximate measure of my body fat percentage: 25%, which pleasantly surprised me as I thought it would be a lot higher - I must have more muscle than I thought. That means I have 49lb of fat and 146lb of lean (muscle, bone and water). I'd like to get to around 20% body fat, so a quick calculation tells me that if I don't gain any muscle (unlikely) I'd need to lose 12.5lb or so. Call it a stone.

Makes me feel better. Even though, if I lost a stone, I'd still in the "overweight" region according to the BMI charts.


  1. Good luck with the weight loss. Mine weight is going up and up and I have absolutely no willpower now to stop eating the things that I enjoy, and am getting very pissed off with feel uncomfortable in anything but sloppy joggers and ts. My BMI was 25 and the fat thing was higher than yours too. Cry.

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  3. A BMI of 25 is okay though, isn't it?

    Maybe just cut down on the bad stuff a bit??