Friday, August 24, 2007

My favourite lunch...

...just happens to be rather healthy.

Two wholemeal pittas, warmed until they puff up (I always have pittas in the freezer), filled with houmous, raw peppers and raw baby leaf spinach.

Only 300 calories, load of vitamins and fibre and other such good things, plus it tastes wonderful, especially with roasted veggie or lemon and coriander flavour houmous. I tend to buy mini three-packs of flavoured houmous from Sainsbury's beause I like to have a different flavour every day.

What's your favourite lunch?


  1. I've had this delightful dish many times. I make my own humus and the "sandwich" is as wonderful as you describe it.

  2. I've made houmous too (there are lots of different ways of spelling it I see!) and it's pretty good, but difficult as I don't have a food processor!

    Also yummy with roasted veggies and a baked potato. :)

  3. I live on houmous! Just wish I could eat wheat. The pittas looks lovely. I can almost smell it.