Friday, August 17, 2007

The verdict

EDIT: Just realised this never got posted, for some reason it just saved as a draft. So I'm posting it now.

Got my test results back. Turns out my hormone levels are okay, which means I probably haven't got polycystic ovary syndrome. My fasting blood sugar was borderline.

Doc says she thinks my health problems (insulin resistance, high blood pressure, unwanted hair and irregular periods) are all related to my weight, and if I lose weight I'll see an improvement in all of my symptoms. She's pretty sure that everything will disappear if I get to a sensible weight.

So I've been in to see a nurse today to be weighed and get advice and so on, I'll probably go every couple of weeks just so we can keep an eye on things. Nurse asked me about whether I eat 3 meals a day (I do) and whether I exercise (yup, starting to), gave me a leaflet about eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day (easy) and some sample meal plans (boring).

I weigh 13st 13lb (which to be fair is down 2lb since last time I got weighed), and at 5'6" that makes me clinically obese.

Weight loss it is then.

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