Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another visitor

Michael spotted this fella when he let Summer out at about 10.30pm. It's a tawny owl.

It was on the poles on top of the bird table, only a few feet away from the back door, and paid no attention to Summer at all. Didn't seem to mind the flash as Michael took a few snaps of it either. I was watching from upstairs, but when I came down it flew off onto the trellis archway further down the garden.

Beautiful creature. I've never seen a wild one, but been hearing them calling the past few weeks. Never thought I'd get one visiting my bird table!

While I'm here, I thought I'd also post a pic of the new bunny, imaginatively named Neo. Because he's new.


  1. What a fabulous picture!!!!

    I've never seen an owl outside a zoo, but one swooped down and snatched our neighbor's cat some years ago while they were sitting on their deck enjoying cocktails.


  2. wow! nice Garden Tick Anna

  3. It's only the third wild owl I've every seen.

    The first was a branched chick in the park just opposite my parents' house which I couldn't identify (but was probably a tawny), the second a barn owl I saw on Saturday.

    It was somewhat of a surprise, I can tell you!

    I had no idea that they could take cats, that's pretty scary....

    Pete, it's a life tick too :)

  4. Lovely shot of the owl, you lucky things. Bunny is cute too, I had a Netherland dwarf, called Casper, he was a real character. He used to have entire shed to run around in (about 20ft X 8) and a ramp into his hutch. He used to sit and talk to my guinea pigs.

  5. Lovely owl and what a beautiful Bunny.

  6. It must have been great having an owl in your garden. Great shot.