Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Okay, so here's what's been happening.
  • Living room painted
  • Living room carpet cleaned twice
  • New cupboards assembled in living room, with 26 white cardboard storage boxes which had to be put together
  • CD/DVD/video collections organised and stored in said cupboards
  • New curtains hung in living room
  • Living room fireplace re-grouted
  • Kitchen and utility tiled
  • Half of kitchen tiles grouted
  • New bookcase assembled in study
  • Roleplaying books, my uni notes and loads of magazines (mostly New Scientist) stored in new bookcase
  • Clothes which were littering the main bedroom stored in folding boxes, until we get new wardrobes
Now I come to write it, it doesn't sound like much. But we're getting there. Next on the list is getting a new sofa, disposing of the old sofas, decorating the kitchen/dining room/utility and some general tidying and clearing and sorting stuff out.

I'm tired. And I'm back at uni in two weeks. And my scalp, behind my ears and the back of my neck are all flaky and scabby as my eczema's playing up. On the plus side though, I've lost another inch from bust and hips, and an inch and a half from my waist.

I've also created a new blog, where I'll keep track of all my uni stuff. I plan to post my lecture notes there, and my timetable (newly created in Google Calendars and almost completed), and any other stuff related to uni, or psychology.

And on a completely unrelated note, I've recently started stitching again. I found a 3/4 finished tapestry of two dolphins when I cleared out the living room, which I'd actually forgotten I started, and I'm determined to get it finished. I used to do a lot of cross stitch and tapestry and the like, but haven't done any for years. I also ordered a sampler of British tits (that should get me a few dodgy searches over here!) which looks great, and I'd definitely recommend the site if you like cross stitch because they have some lovely bird ones - mostly UK but some American too.

And now I'm off to exercise.


  1. Wow, Anna - you have been BUSY! As one also involved in the painting and improving of a house, I KNOW exactly what you've been doing. It's a lot.

    And congrats on the weight loss/inch loss! Mine is coming off slowly and I need to find one of my billions of measuring tapes so I can get an accurate measurement of my various bits.

  2. Doesn't sound like much? he squeaked! Doesn't sound like much? I'm knackered just reading the list!