Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Apparently, new is good

I think I've finally found a good doctor.

Compare and contrast here.

At my previous surgery last year, I got the distinct impression that they were bored of me. I mean, with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia, you do have to keep going back if only to let them know if anything's changed. I kept being told that there isn't much they can do besides give me low-dose amitryptiline (Elavil) at night to help me sleep. They'd tell me to lose weight and exercise and that's about it. I was made to feel like I was wasting their time when I was essentially telling them I can't go on like this.

I mean, they're right. There's nothing much they can do. But still.

I needed a letter from a doctor last year to pass on to the psychology department and the assessment department at uni, confirming my diagnosis and explaining that I need extra time in exams, etc. It took the doc 2 weeks to write this, and they invoiced me £10. (I didn't pay it, but that's another story.)

I need another letter this year, for the psych department so they'll let me repeat 2nd year, and for Derbyshire County Council* so they'll fund me for an extra year. So I went to see my new doc today - I've seen her twice before and found that she'll listen to you and ask sensible questions which is surprisingly rare for a doctor. I told her what I needed, and she did it right there and then. She asked me loads of questions about my symptoms and how it affects my studies, and even asked about stuff I haven't mentioned, like my mood and problems with writing, and got everything into a letter, checked with me that it was okay (unheard of) then printed it and gave it to me. No 2 weeks to wait, no £10. No feeling like I was wasting her time. She even told me I was doing the right things, i.e. exercising and keeping an eye on my diet and trying to push myself a little bit further than is comfortable but not overdoing it.

Nice one doc.

In related news, I'm back in lectures next week. I'm sort of scared. And tired already. Not feeling at my most positive. I'd like a nice cup of redbush and vanilla tea (or maybe some of my "night time" herbal tea) and a nice warm bed and about 12 hours sleep.

*I mis-typed this as "Derbyshire Cunty Council". Strangely apt.

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