Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exercise is sort of working, I guess

I haven't lost any actual weight, but I'm definitely more toned.

I've lost an inch from my bust and waist, 2 inches from my hips and 1/2 an inch from my thighs.

And I'm fitter, as my scores on Kinetic are showing.

I'm not trying too hard with my diet - it's basically healthy with sensible meals and snacks, but I'm still having treats. As I said in chat the other night, if you can't have a treat every now and then you might as well be dead.

So yeah. Progress.

I don't know if it's just coincidence, but I'm generally in less pain recently too.


  1. good that you are feeling less pain

  2. That's great news anna, keep it up girl. :)

  3. Wonderful! Except for losing boobage. LOL

  4. Jumping up and down and clapping over here across the pond! That is absolutely terrific, Anna!

    I have a "fat" blog called "Because I'm Fat". I'm chronicling my own weight loss journey over there. Feel free to visit anytime - it's on my blogroll or you can get to it via

  5. Thanks guys!

    Attila, knowing my luck, the boob loss will be from the one that's already smaller than the other. Damn lopsided boobs.

    I'm liking your "fat" blog Sayre - makes me wonder if we could have some sort of blogger weight loss group or something? I know quite a few people who are trying to lose weight, and we could encourage each other, share meal ideas, etc.