Friday, March 02, 2007


I'm not well. Again.

I felt pretty out of it yesterday - all heavy and tired and headachy and the back of my nose/throat all clagged up, and somehow cold and shivery and uncomfortably hot at the same time. But I managed to get to rehearsal and had a pint afterwards with choir people.

Got home about 11.45pm feeling worse. My body felt like several people had been hitting me all over with big sticks, and I couldn't breathe through my nose. So I filled my hot water bottle and covered myself in ibuprofen gel (and promptly stuck to the bedsheets), but I just couldn't get comfortable.

Around 1am I turned over and suddently got cold. I shivered so hard I actually woke Michael up. He kindly got me another blanket - but I didn't get warm enough to fall asleep for another hour.

Then I started with the waking up (what felt like) every few minutes having to move because I was in pain. Also having frustration-type dreams (which involved something to do with trying to memorise a huge list of pictures, including on of a bar-tailed godwit - make of that what you will).

And a little later I realised that although I was still shivering, I was also way too hot. So I kicked off the extra blanket. And then slept a little better.

8am, Michael brought me some co-codamol, but refused my request for him to stay home from work and look after me. Bah. And I slept some more, and woke at 11am feeling a bit better.

Now I'm still very achy, don't feel like eating (that never happens to me), headache and swollen sinuses. But I'm much better. Fingers crossed that I'll be okay for Barnes tomorrow! I'm going even if I'm too exhausted to walk - I've paid for the train tickets and I want a ring-necked parakeet dammit (Pete promised me several). I'm actually quite looking forward to navigating the tube once I get to London - I've never been to London on my own.

I'm pretty cheerful today really, I've fed Mr Robin his mealworms and I saw one of the wrens and I heard a great tit singing nearby, which was a treat as I've only ever seen one once in the garden. No idea why, they are so common but don't grace me with their presence. Loads of blue tits, starlings, house sparrows, blackbirds, of course Mr Robin (he has such a beautiful voice) and some jackdaws and rooks and a collared dove out there today. And a lovely sunny warm spring day.

And my new oven arrived!!! All I need now is a new kitchen to put it in...

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  1. Ooo... lovely oven! What do you like to cook in your new oven??? Do you have a speciality?