Sunday, March 04, 2007

Barnes photos - installment 4

Last ones, I promise!A male wigeon, lying down eating the grass. Like breakfast in bed, I guess.

Few more wigeons, three males and a female. I love their colours.

Couldn't resist. Wigeons and pigeons. Wood pigeons, to be exact.

Shovellers. They have weird beaks, and I like their colours too. There's also a pair of tufted ducks.

Can you see it? There's a snipe hidden in there.

A male teal - I didn't manage to capture the irridescent colurs on the head, which look blue, green or purple depending on which way you look at them.

Male tufted duck, trying to hide his face from the camera.

Male ruddy duck. I still can't get over the fact that they have blue beaks. Crazy.

Don't know about these two. The blue beak and the head looks just like a ruddy duck, but the body colour is wrong. Pass. Juvenile?

Think this one's one of the captive ducks, that I forgot to post with the other captives. Anyway, I don't know what it is but it sure is weird-looking.

See above. Some weird ducks.

Froggies! I mean, ring-necked parakeets. These guys either escaped or were deliberately released - they're originally from India - and now they breed over here, in the south. They look so tropical, I've no idea how they survive our not-so-tropical winters.

Rat under the feeders. And another wood pigeon.

Pretty sure this is a rare Petebird, which was trying to entice females into his nestbox. It didn't work.


  1. All the pictures are wonderful Anna.

  2. nice shots anna, that rare pete bird keeps showing up!

  3. the duck with a blue bill that's not a ruddy is, i think, a puna teal

  4. Interesting to see the results of your trip to Barnes Anna.
    As you know its one of my local patches!!
    But to see someone elses eye view of your patch is very revealing!
    Some lovely photos there...
    I still havent seen that Snipe!
    I dont think that Pete is a rare bird anymore more likely a scarcity!!
    I'm trying to be more frequent with my blog and failing!!