Sunday, March 04, 2007

Barnes photos - installment 2

And now for a few birds.

First the captive/domestic ones that Pete wouldn't let me tick. ;)

It's a hard life being a barnacle goose. The other guy is a red-breasted goose.

These are Indian runner ducks. And this is duck porn. We had to cover Mark's eyes, he's only 17.

Some more red-breasted geese. Pretty little things.

Can't remember what these are. White goose things. [Edit: Snow geese, according to Pete]

Greylag goose. The one that our farmyard geese were bred from. [Edit: it's actually a white-fronted goose. I did see some a few weeks back, so I should have know. In my defence, I was right about farmyard geese being bred from greylags though ;)]


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  2. the white geese are snow geese and the greylag is a white fronted goose

  3. I thought that was just the sun shining on the goose's face!

    Thanks. :)