Thursday, October 09, 2008

You'll be pleased to hear...

... that I've accepted the support job.

It will actually be more like 15 hours a week but as Sarah says, some weeks it will be 8, some closer to 20. Depends what she needs at the time.

So, I have basically two choices regarding uni - if I can persuade them to let me back in a part-time flexible kind of way.

Either I work part time and study part time (can possibly manage that), or I take the year off from studying and just work for Sarah, then reconsider next year.

If the job works out for both of us, I could potentially do it for 3 years (the length of Sarah's PhD) - I've told her I'm definitely available for at least one year.

Just realised that I actually have a third option - if uni insists that they can't make adjustments for me (and if it turns out that they can do that legally), I could study by myself this year. Although it wouldn't actually count for anything, then I could lie to my doctor to get them to provide me an "I'm all better" note and go back full-time next year having already got most of the material under my belt, and just spend the year revising and doing essays and exams and practical work. Much easier.

So yeah, a lot of stuff to think about.

I'm waiting to hear back from the Disabled and Dyslexic Students department anyway, see what they have to say about the uni thing.

And on a completely unrelated note, tomorrow I will finally reveal the mystery bird! So this is your last opportunity to guess...


  1. Good for you, taking on Sarah! I think you may find this to be a great arrangement all the way around.

    Now, about your "options"... I am actually wondering if university is really necessary. Don't get me wrong, education is a marvelous thing, but what is it that you want to do that requires a degree? You can self-educate yourself as much as needed unless you are interested in going into some kind of speciality that requires specialized information and training.

    That said, I never completed college. I would have liked to, but I got married to early to a very controlling man who was afraid that if his wife was educated, she would be better than him. It didn't stop me from reading - and it didn't stop me from leaving him, but by then, I had to support myself and going to school was no longer an option. So I have a job that I enjoy. Granted, I would be paid more if I had a degree, but I get paid enough as it is so I don't worry about it.

    Just curious!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Congrats!

  3. Your package arrived to day - the hedge hogs are absolutely adorable! And my son says the spice bracelet makes him want curry for dinner. The pastel bead bracelet is on my arm even now - I'm not a bracelet person, but I really like this!!!!

    By the way, the silver leaves on the packages and on the bracelet are marvelous - like a signature!

    Thank you so much!

  4. Sayre - re the uni thing, I think my reply is worthy of its own post, so I'm not going to reply about it here.

    I'm so glad you like the hoggies and the bracelets! I was really hoping you'd like the pastel bracelet. :) Difficult to guess what someone you've never met would like, so I just made something I'd like to wear myself.

    The leaf thing - that's EXACTLY what I was trying to do, so as many pieces as possible have my "name" on them. It's also like very subtle advertising, without all that "I'm great, buy more stuff from me" vibe. Just looking at the leaf will help them remember my shop name!

    Thanks ATM! I'm pretty excited about it. :)