Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well surprise, surprise. Blogger's being a twat again.


I've been trying to comment, on my OWN BLOG, so I can reply to the comment's I've gotten recently.

Apparently that's just asking too much.

Despite being logged in, my blog looks like I'm not, i.e. it says "sign in" or "create blog" at the top rather than "new post" or similar. When I click to sign in, I go straight to my dashboard, which I'm signed in to. But if I try to comment, the page just refreshes and my comment vanishes.

Pippa says the she's having trouble commenting here as well, so it's not just me.

So you were going to get actual content, but instead you get yet another moan. For which you can thank fucking Blogger.

And I'm out.


  1. Rofl, lets all sing along with the late, great Ian Drury..."bastards, arseholes, fucking c**ts and pricks, aerosol the bricks!" Let's see whether Blogger allows this one!

  2. Ha, ha, I got a kick out of lily's comment. Must be so frustrating though Anna.

  3. Lily, that made me laugh! ;)

    I think I may have at least narrowed down what the problem is - I'm trying this in IE (hate hate hate IE) rather than Firefox.

    If this works (and it's looking hopeful), then it'll be a Firefox cookies issue. Whether I can solve that or not remains to be seen.

    It seems to only be a problem in blogs where the comments form is part of the normal blog page, rather than opening in a new page or window. I can't comment in Kate's blog either.

  4. Hello hello, commenting form Safari 3.1.2

  5. On the third attempt after two 'your request could not be processed messages'.

  6. Of course what I meant to say was Ian DURY. (Hangs head in shame)

  7. That's okay Lily, I don't know who either of those people are! ;)

  8. Having a go at commenting so I can tell whether or not I'm having a problem....

  9. Testing 123, Testing ;o)