Sunday, February 24, 2008

A visitor and some new possessions

Needing a wee earlier this evening, I saved my Pokémon Diamond game and wandered upstairs to the bathroom.

The light switch, annoyingly, is on the wall outside the bathroom, next to the door. I clicked on the light and pushed open the door.

To be confronted with a small dark fast-moving object with a tail running across the floor. A mouse! It ran behind the cupboard under the sink. It made me jump.

And having on full bladder, that can have an unfortunate effect.

Yes, I did wet myself very slightly.

Not that I mind mice. I'm in no way scared of mice. I just wasn't expecting one!

And on a completely different note, I've ordered myself a shiny food processor, on the advice of Which? magazine and several internet reviews. I've never owned one before. I think it's about time, and the formal has given me the incentive to bite the bullet - it will save me a lot of time during food prep.

The frugal part of me (the bit that channels Michael - I never had a frugal part until I started seeing him) said it was silly to spend the best part of £100 on a food processor when you can get them for £30. But the sensible part of me knows that you get what you pay for with these things. A £30 machine will either break after a while, or just won't perform well, so I'd end up buying a new one anyway. False economy.

I also ordered a waffle iron. £15. Bargain. Because I've never had a real waffle, only the supermarket ones you put in the toaster. Plus I recently found out that you can make savoury waffles! How cool is that??

Both should get here some time this week.

And then I will pig out.


  1. I have both. My first food processor was a gift from my first husband in 1982. It died finally in 2005. It was among the first to go on market for regular people and was quite inexpensive. My new one cost twice the old one and we'll see how long it lasts...

    I received a waffle iron for Christmas a few years back because I'd never had one so I asked. Great for Sunday mornings when you don't have to be anywhere fast - you can only do one at a time and it takes a little bit to do it.

  2. I remember my parents getting one back in the mid-late 80s. It was a huge clunky thing with the brand name Multipractic (not sure of spelling), and my parents to this day still refer to food processors, regardless of brand, as "multipractics". Like the more commonly used "Hoover" for vacuum cleaner, and "Tannoy" for public address system. I don't think they've used it for quite some time, probably because it's awkward to clean, but they definitely still have it.

    Yup, Sunday morning breakfast is exactly what I had in mind!