Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun Monday, but late

Okay, okay, I know it's Wednesday.... but it's still Tuesday somewhere in the world, right?

2) Not sure what my favourite dish is. I like a lot of different foods. But the one most requested is lavender cake, which is a big favourite of my fellow choirpeople.

The dish I make most often is probably the Greek stuffed peppers. Halloumi is one of the nicest things ever, and I love peppers so much that the two of us get through maybe ten a week. Not that I use them all for that dish!

On a completely different note, I experienced my first earthquake earlier.

Yeah, an earthquake in England!!

Wasn't expecting that. I was in the living room, cross-stitching a green woodpecker and watching Sex and the City. It was almost 1am. I heard a noise, a little like when there's a sudden guest of wind which makes the windows rattle. Then a rumbling, and the room shook. I was moved backwards and forwards as I sat on the sofa - the first thing that I thought was that maybe the house was falling down, or that something had hit it, but there was no impact noise. The whole thing lasted maybe 5 seconds, maybe 10, long enough for me to realise what was actually happening, then I went upstairs to the bedroom where Michael had been woken up by it.

Summer got up maybe a second before I heard or felt anything, I'm pretty sure she sensed it in some way. She didn't seem scared but she was definitely disturbed. She settled down again almost straight away afterwards.

10 minutes later and it was being reported on Sky News, with a succession of dull people phoning in to say that they'd been in bed and felt the quake and they'd felt one before in LA and that there didn't seem to be any damage and no-one was out in the street, but a lot of bedroom lights were on. Yawn.

Turns out that it was centred in Lincolnshire, about 55 miles away, and had a magnitude of 5.2 ML. Small potatoes on a worldwide scale, but pretty big for here apparently. At least one person was injured, and there's been some structural damage to chimneys near the epicentre.

Was an experience, certainly.


  1. Mmmm... lavender cake sounds heavenly.

    An earthquake? How odd. I guess it happens rarely enough that you don't really think of England and earthquakes going together. California? Asia? Sure! But England and Wales? No, not really.

    RYC: I don't remember who did the Kyrie that I'm talking about - but it was an 80s pop song. I liked it because it seemed to join together two very different ideas for music. Whenever it comes on the radio, I crank it up loud!

  2. I totally agree with your account of el 'quake.

    1. WIndows rattling 2. Crazy shaking (put me in mind of those 50s vibrating belt fitness machines) 3. anticipation of a big bang as what ever it may be hit the house - no bang happens 4. Oh cripes - it's an earthquake.

    Did you get another slight window rattling about 20min later? I thought I heard one but perhaps that really was the wind.

  3. Felt nothing here anna thankfully, I think I would have crapped myself! (Someone on the forum I belong to apparently did, they were watching a horror film on tv, and the room shook!) :D

  4. Sayre - yeah, it is yummy. Find yourself some lavender and have a go - it's really easy.

    Kay - didn't notice a second rattling, but I guess there could well have been aftershocks.

    Jan - it was kind of fun!!