Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hi everyone

So I'm getting a bit disillusioned with blogging at the moment. I think to myself, "I really must blog about that, and catch up with my blogroll, and comment on all the blogs I love." But then I realise that there's a problem with that.

I can't be bothered.

I've got out of the habit of doing all my "internet stuff", and finding it very difficult to get back into it again. It's no reflection on you guys, simply a reflection of the battle I'm currently losing with my own inertia.

And I hate to just come on here and moan about how crap things are, so I won't do that. Just know that I am thinking about all of you and there are quite a few of you that I specifically want to address comments to and reply to, and I will do it eventually.

Just don't anyone mention anything about uni. Because I'm trying very hard not to think about almost certainly having to repeat the year again.

On a completely unrelated note, we're having a little holiday next weekend. We're off to London to see the Lord of the Rings musical, which looks truly awesome. We'll probably spend Saturday doing touristy things, and see the show. More touristy things, come home Sunday night. I want to go to the Tower of London, for one reason and one reason only - ravens! One of my favourite birds, and I'd love to see one closer up.

And I realised that after 7 months, I've still not put up the photos from Scotland last year. I'll get on it. Just give me a minute.


  1. Hey, Anna - if you don't feel like blogging - DON'T. Take a break. Just post a short note and say, "I'm going to be taking a break for a while. I don't know when I'll be back." Then take your break for however long you need, to be ready to come back or to know that you need to call it quits and pay attention to your real life. Whichever way you go, I can certainly understand. Everyone blogs for different reasons. If why you started doesn't still apply...

  2. Hope you have a great time in London Anna, wish I could come too. I'd love to go see a show, any show! And the ToL, not been there since I was about 10. - yeah, it was built then. :p

  3. Anna, I know just how you feel. I can't be bothered sometimes, and some things seem such a hassle. Just do it when you feel able - and don't worry about it.

  4. Sayre - thanks, I'd thought about it but decided that as blogging's something I like to do, I should just try and push myself back into the routine. One of the first things that happens when I don't feel 100% is that I drop things I enjoy, or that take even the slightest bit of effort, thus denying myself fun stuff.

    Jan - Feel free, we're getting into Victoria coach station around 10-ish on Saturday! We could smuggle you into the theatre, no problem... ;)

    Digi - thanks. Story of my life at the minute. I know from experience that I have to push to get out of it. Which is happening, slowly.

  5. I felt the same in mid january. So I left it for a week or so. Now I am enjoying it again. Don't give up for good though!