Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seal Day video

Well, I did it.

This is the first, very basic version. I need to add a few pics that didn't get uploaded for some reason, put in some captions and maybe even a soundtrack.

And now, to bed.


  1. That's great Anna, I loved the bit where the seal was chasing the bird! Nice to know an alternative to YouTube too. I've found that with a couple of vids I've done - they look fine on here, and then when they play back online, they are all pixelated and look crap. You have made a great job of that, photos are superb.

  2. Yeah, the videos look much better on here. It's because YouTube compress the videos so much.

    It seems to be less of a problem with Jumpcut, they are compressed but not as much - at least the vids look better than YouTube anyway. I also like the way you can upload photos to an album, and it can automatically turn them into a slideshow video. Mine was a bit more complicated because I wanted to play with the order though.

    I'd definitely recommend having a look at Jumpcut, it's pretty easy to use.

    You can probably hear me laughing at the seal on the video! Looked like it wanted to play with it, lol. Daft thing.

  3. I want to pat the seal's tummies.

    I like the very muddy seal.

    : )

  4. Some cool pics there. The videos were funny too! I wanna see seals.

  5. Kay, you mean the one that looks like it's made entirely of chocolate?

    I had to restrain myself from stroking the pups, apart from the fact that they can give a nasty bite, apparently their mothers might abandon them if they smell like people. I did manage to snag a bit of shedded pup fur though, so at least I know what they must feel like. I feel a bit like a seal stalker.

    Thank you Janine, Michael didn't do a bad job of the pics really. Don't you have seals in Florida?

  6. Loved the video Anna. You did a fine job of it.

  7. The video was pretty easy OC, still needs some work though!