Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A fantastic day

Well apart from being knackered because I only got 3 hours of (crap) sleep. Oh well.

Donna Nook is worth it. Seals close enough to touch (touching would be silly, but you could theoretically). Huge scarred ugly bulls, beautifully patterned cows, fluffy white pups. Grey (Atlantic) seals aren't exactly beautiful, but they are impressive.

We didn't get to do the sand crawling thing because access to the sea was completely cut off, as the MoD was bombing over there, as they do. Shame, but the seals were right up by the fence next to the path so there was really no need to get wet and sandy.

And it was a beautiful sunny day, not a single cloud. But fecking freezing, as you'd expect from mid-December.

A few interesting birds, the highlight being the little egret that I spotted in a field during the drive there. It surprised me, let me tell you! I saw a group of curlews in another field, which was also unexpected.

After Donna Nook we moved on to Skegness, because I wanted to have a look at the seals in Natureland. It was nice seeing places I remember from when I was a kid on the way there.

I'm glad we went there as well. Obviously they aren't wild seals, but I really wanted to get a good look at some common (harbour) seals. Now they really are beautiful creatures. I completely fell in love with the two pups in the rearing pool, I could have stolen them. We got really good views of the adults swimming in their glass-sided pool - they are so graceful and fast in the water. We didn't get much chance to take pics there because it was 3.30pm and the light went very quickly, but we did get a few.

Speaking of pics, I'll try hard to post some tomorrow. Maybe a couple of videos too!

And now I'm off to bed, to sleep off the unnecessary amount of Indian takeaway we picked up on the way home.


  1. Wow, sounds fantastic Anna, very envious. You were certainly lucky with the weather, good job it wasn't last week when it was lashing down and blowing a gale! (But then I guess you wouldn't have gone...)

  2. Yeah, I can imagine it would have been much less pleasant if the weather hadn't been good. We'd have still gone unless it was really really bad, because Michael took time off work.