Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My worlds collide

Just thought I'd mention the latest addition to my blogroll, In Which Our Heroine...

I think Kay's the first and only blogger I know who I met in real life before I met online. Did that make sense? It does in my head, if that helps.

Slightly strange story. I met Kay back in 1998, when we both started on the same course at university. Despite there being only five of us on that particular course, and the five of us being in the same tutor group, we don't remember each other. But we must have met. Plus we both remember two of the others.

So then I met her again in 2005, when I joined SingSoc. I can't remember how, but at some point we realised what I said in the paragraph above, probably by finding out that we were the same age. Which was weird.

Kay sings soprano, but don't hold that against her. She's very funny and creative, so go and have a look at her blog.

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