Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I kept having pain dreams last night. I don't really remember what they were about, just that I kept trying to do something and it kept hurting, even though it wasn't supposed to.

I semi-work up a couple of times in the early hours, and semi-consciously almost thought, "Right, I'll try not to dream that again."

Then not long after dawn I woke up properly and my neck was killing me. I guess I'd slept on it wrong or something. So I slathered on some ibuprofen gel (getting loads in my hair in the process, dammit) and tried to settle down again.

I did go back to sleep, but every time I turned over (and I turn over a lot) the pain woke me up. Consequently I slept late and got up at midday feeling crappy.

The ibuprofen didn't help much.

And my neck still hurts. It's the muscles/tendons on the back left side of my neck, between my spine and my left ear, right from the base of my skull into the shoulder blade. I can lean my head forward a little, but movement in other directions is severely restricted, especially to the left - it seems like the muscles there just won't work, it's not just a case of being painful.

I'm a bit of a baby about pain really. I'm used to constant discomfort and low-grade aches with fibromyalgia, but anything worse than that sees me complaining and attempting to elicit sympathy from all and sundry. Hence this post I guess.

Someone pass the codeine please.


  1. *hands codeine*

    I know what you mean, I had that dream the other week where my stomach was agony as I was talking to someone, and when I woke up, it really was agony. Spooky isn't it how the dreams become reality? If only that worked with nice things too....

  2. I hardly ever dream anything nice!

    Well apart from sex occasionally... ;)

  3. I hadn't any dreams for years, except for the occasional one which was so vivid I was shocked by the fact that I had actually had a dream at all!

    Thanks to treatment with anti-epilepsy drug Lyrica (pregablin) I am now sleeping, ie restorative sleep and am aware of dreaming regularly.

    For the first time in years I feel like ME! I think it's ironic that my rheumatologist gave me the diagnoses of Fibromyalgia/ME?

  4. I dream a lot, and often remember my dreams.

    I usually feel like I've been dreaming all night rather than getting good deep stage 4 sleep, which I think is what makes me so tired when I wake up, and also make me wake up so often during the night.