Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The continuing saga

Nic commented on my post yesterday... "it can only get better from here in mate!"

If only that were true.

Admittedly, I had a good evening. I fed the ducks, walked to choir rehearsal, enjoyed catching up with everyone, did some silly exercises and didn't do too badly with the sight singing. Had a fun time afterwards in the pub, but then things went wrong again.

This time through my own stupidity.

I'd planned my route. Bus from near the pub to the city centre, and a short walk to where I'd catch the 22:50 bus back to Chesterfield which conveniently runs almost past my house, getting me home at around 23:45.

Unfortunately I completely misjudged how to walk to the city centre stop, and consequently failed to find it and so missed the bus. In a slight panic I phoned Michael, who checked on the internet and informed me that there was a train leaving at 23:40, so I walked to the railway station.

In all the stress, when I got to the station I had to buy a mint Aero bar from the vending machine.

Michael picked me up from Chesterfield station at midnight, by which time I was completely knackered. My shoulders and neck ached, and I felt exhausted. Michael had kindly brought me a cup of (decaff) coffee to drink in the car, which helped a bit.

I pretty much went straight to bed when we got home, after making the executive decision that getting up at 6:30 for my 9am lecture would be a bad idea in my current state. So I didn't go.

I can't help but feel that it doesn't bode well for the future.

Michael suggested that I might like to come straight home from choir rather than going to the pub, but I'm not convinced that would help. I'd still only get home around 11, and the chances of me getting to sleep before 12 would be minimal.

I'm going to see the disabled student student support people tomorrow, to see how they can help me. Hopefully we'll be able to sort something out.

And on the plus side, I've seen loads of birds in the garden the last few days. Great tits, blue tits, coal tits, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, a few goldfinches and greenfinches which I'm excited about because I don't see many, and a flock of around 20 long tailed tits flew over the other day. The escaped parakeet is also around - I haven't heard it for a while and I was beginning to think it was dead, but it was on my bird table the other day eating rice. It has a ring, so must have escaped from somewhere. I hope it will be okay.

Right. Breakfast and some work for me I think.


  1. Lol, looks like you jinxed me!

    That'll learn me for not believing in fate or jinxing or anything like that... ;)

  2. Sounds like you need to learn to drive and get your own wheels! Must be a nightmare having to rely on public transport, I couldn't do it here for sure, well not if I ever wanted to go anywhere other than food shopping by bus I guess. Could never take Emma anywhere for a walk again apart from the streets round the village, or even do the farm job I'm doing now. No way Jose! Good luck anyway, hope you get something sorted out.

  3. Hey, Anna, I'm sending good vibes over to you... Like Jan says, it must be difficult relying on public transportation, so I really feel for you.
    Regarding the university thing, Anna, the only people that get things done are people who persevere, and you have that quality. My hat is off to you for your great efforts in continuing your studies in spite of all the setbacks. I know you can do it!!!

  4. Yeah Jan, I keep thinking that it would be easier if I learned to drive and got a car, but I'm not convinced I'd be safe driving. I'm only half awake most of the time. And I sort of think, why should I? Public transport should be made easier and cheaper and better, dammit.

    Thanks Carmen :) Good vibes are always appreciated.