Monday, October 29, 2007

The best houseguest ever

I'm planning a proper post about the Halloween party later, but I just thought I'd tell you about one of the guests.

I hadn't met Louise before - she's the partner of my friend Daniel. They both came to the party and stayed overnight on a mattress in the computer room.

When they arrived (early), she thanked me for inviting her about 3 times, and insisted on helping me with the food and decorations. And she brought me a little goodie bag containing some seashell chocolates and three little bottles of wine.

We collectively went to bed at about 5am after the party (I'm not sure what time it actually was because the clocks went back, so it was either 5am or 4am or something, it confused me).

Me and Michael got up about midday, and were shocked to find the kitchen had been cleaned. The rubbish was bagged up ready to put in the bin, all the glasses and punch bowls had been washed up, and the plates and dishes put in the dishwasher and rinsed. The surfaces had been wiped down, the floor swept, and all the Halloween confetti I'd scattered about the place carefully collected up. We thought we'd had a visit from the cleaning fairy.

Turns out Louise had got up early, cleaned, then gone back to bed.

I thanked her for the cleaning, and she said something like, "Don't be daft! It was the least I could do."

WTF??? Now that's not normal. I mean the cleaning was one thing, not in the least bit expected and very much appreciated, but the fact that she thought she could have done more surprised me a bit.

Plus she's absolutely lovely. Dan's found himself a good one there.

So yeah. Best. Houseguest. Ever.


  1. please can she come and stay with me after you have come to decorate my house...please please

  2. Will send her your way Nic... ;)

  3. Me, me, over here, I want one of those too please. Joking apart, would I be so awful if I employed a cleaner? I just hate doing it, and can't be bothered. Have often thought about having someone "do" for me a couple of hours a week. But people would think me awful, including the "doer" I expect, when I am sat here on my arse a lot of the time, wondering what to do.

  4. Cleaner wouldn't think you're awful for employing them and paying them!

    Life's too short to spend too much time doing housework.

    I say go for it, if you want one.

  5. She can come and stay here anytime. The last time I had a "party" not one of the 6 guests lifted as much as a little finger to help. Considering my ME was pretty bad (alright, bloody awful!) at the time, none of them have been invited back.

    I tried the cleaner road but it didn't work. She didn't understand about all my allergies and stuff and kept using fowl smelling chemical cleaners even though I asked her not too. Didn't understand that even talking at the time exhausted me. I'm the sort of person that would tidy up before she came as I didn't want her seeing how dreadful the house was then!

  6. Wow Mo, everyone practically fell over themselves to help me. Everyone did something. Even people who think I'm "normal", due to me not constantly moaning to them that I'm tired/in pain.

    My mum used to do that when she had a cleaner, I never understood it because I'm a lazy scruff. ;)