Saturday, July 19, 2008

Woo hoo! Scheduled post! I'm posting and I'm not even here!

By now I should be on Islay, relaxing after a hard day's travelling.

If I can get to an internet connection I'll post a quick update sometime during the week, if not I'll post via email on my phone. Yay smartphone.

Sayre, recipe's on its way. Might take a week or so, but I'll definitely post it. Hope you still have eggplant left!

Kay, please don't change your name, sex, nationality and skin colour and steal my bunny.

Have fun without me!



  1. I'm sure there will still be eggplant. That's one of those vegetables around here that is VERY easy to grow and does so in profusion!

  2. Have a great time. You are there purely to carry out quality assurance, aren't you?

    Hope someone's watering your veg.